Welkom to Colin Wilsons
Photography website.
Born Oct. 1955 in Dorking England
Living in Arnhem, the Netherlands
Since 1980

When viewing the galleries, information over the size of the photo's, material used, etc. can be viewed by moving the mouse over the gallery title

The photo's are printed on high
quality photographic material and are mounted or framed
using only acid free materials

If you wish to see the real photographs, then keep an eye
on the Exhibitions page or contact: Colin Wilson Photography
or phone: 00-31-620786131


Photography to me is looking. Looking differently.
Looking differently at the surroundings and at the
people around me.
Looking differently at light and dark and at colour, at motion or motionlessness.

Photography is a search.
A search for new subjects, new challenges and new realities.

Intervew, Photography magazine,
De Fotograaf
edition, may 2008
(Only in Dutch)